Wednesday, May 14

What to do when someone leaves

I know I've mentioned this before, asking prayer for my cohort as we wait to see how things shake themselves out. Well, they shook. And it looks like we got left in the dust. (another mention here)

The first semester of my program ended last week, and this morning, we received an email from our cohort leader stating that she had resigned from her position effective immediately. Emotion and sap dripped from every word of this email, and while I can't say I wouldn't expect less, I would have asked for more professionalism. An email? Really? Is this the new dear John letter, a way of shirking responsibility, and remaining humble by way of words?

I feel angered, not only at this particular professor whom I have tried to like and just can't, but at the program who let this continue through an entire semester. And now a truly professional teacher will be filling the void, taking on undue responsibility, over the purview of her contract I'm sure, and because of someone else's selfishness.

I am tempted to say good riddance to this instructor. But I will not, and instead wish her the best of luck in whatever she chooses to pursue. I know that she will need it. But I know also, that this will foundationally shake our cohort, myself included. My questions about whether to stay in the program are resurfacing. Do I really want to teach? Do i want to learn to teach from them? What are my other options? Is this what teaching is like...always?

I'm at a loss. At a real loss. And I rarely feel that way.

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