Friday, May 16


Th deal breaker came early in the evening, I would say about 15 minutes into the date, and about 3 minutes into actual conversation.

Me: "You're writing a book. What's it about?"
THE DATE FROM OUTER SPACE: "Well, the ultimate premise is something along the lines that all major religions are using the same metaphors to point to a gate system that once discovered will lead us to a chain of planets, ultimately taking us to heaven, or eden or whatever you want to call it. Jesus said this, Ghandi, Buddha, they all said the same thing...there is a gate system, and we just need to find it." (I may have paraphrased because my head started spinning somewhere around "gate system...")
Me: "So, you do mean an actual, physical gate system...?"
TDFOS: "Yes, in time AND space."

Two hours of my life wasted. With several offers to buy me a beer, one that I did not want for fear of actually listening and analyzing what this fool was saying, I knew we could never work out when talk turned to politics and he became adamant that HE was MORE American than 99% of those in America, and that would be an understatement. (The statement "that would be an understatement" became very common.) His American-ness meant that no one else should live here (Mexicans, Peruvians (?)) no one, and I knew that my tendency toward people-first attitude would not mesh well with his me-first attitude.

Oh well. At least I thought he could be crazy. My instinct were right, and now I know to trust them the first time. As my friend put it, with eyes WIDE, "He's BATSHITCRAZY!"

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