Friday, April 4

save the drama for your mama

It has been quite an interesting week.

Thank you for your prayers. Last night in class, we spent a good portion on Conflict Management, not textbook illustration, but real live learning. It was pretty amazing to 27 people come to consensus that, YES, there is a problem, NO we don't want it to ruin our experience or negate our learning, and YES we want to resolve it in a timely and positive manner. I can't say how much I appreciated the experience. I have never gone into something with such a sense of foreboding and walked away feeling as relieved as I did then. As the actual conflict will continue until a major player returns, and my own conversation with that player has yet to take place, I will refrain from any specific details.

The hunt is's not perfect, it's not even great by any standards (unless you happen to think cute, quaint and cozy are perfect, which I'm of half a mind to think) but I'm doing it. I can't begin to explain the turmoil that took place at nine o' clock this morning, while the leasing agent stood by and watched as my parents, who asked to come and see my new home, and then refused to advise me of their opinion.

I love and respect my parents, as much as it might seem opposite, and when they act that way, as if they have nothing to with me, all the while telling me quite directly though indirectly that they disapprove of something I do, it INFURIATES me.

My dad surprising made me feel better...I'm grown and I make my own decisions, don't let anything stand in the way of those, not my mother and her manipulative ways, her guilt, my fears. If it ends up being a bad deal...get over it and move on. I thought it was appropriate then, that this was today's index over at Indexed.

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