Friday, April 11


There comes a point in every person's life where they have to, MUST, be more transparent with those that surround them than they are comfortable with. And it takes more courage than it often appears to take: to stand in front of someone and admit your greatest fear has come to reality.

I don't know that I have experienced that in it's fullness, but I know that I have tasted it for myself, and have been on the receiving side of such conversations. It takes humility to make such an admission, but I think the more humility comes when we, as the hearers, don't let that play into our judgment, our interactions, with the person before us.

I must admit I went into class expecting more excuses and more hemming and hawing, and was shocked to see my professor in the state that she was. Keep us all in your prayers. It will be a huge learning curve for us all as we continue to dig into our program, not only to become better teachers, but better humans.

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