Wednesday, April 2

What a day!

I talked to my sister today. Things they are a-changing. And she reminded me that in a year, they will have changed more times than I can even imagine right now.
I'm going to be an Aunt! We're all getting pretty excited, now that it's official. And we're all pretty not surprised about it either. Although, to be honest it's pretty gross to think about my little sister GETTING pregnant. I'm not thinking about. YUCK!

Today has been a crazy day! I think I found an apartment, I find out there's ababy on the way in the fam, and I spent most of the day glued to my computer as my cohort members emailed back and forth as the rest of our Spring semester was scheduled, rescheduled and rescheduled again. It was kind of ridiculous, and while I feel back about some of the things and people that may have been caught in the crosshairs, I think it's about time that some of this was said. I know that I am partly responsible for some of this, as I was the catalyst for conversation, though I hold that what came out of it I am not responsible for. Each person has their own feelings, and must be held responsible for such. I have class tomorrow, with another professional, not our regular cohort leader (that is another issue for another day) and I'm hoping that, as she said in an email to us, that our emotions (mine included) don't get in the way of our conversation. Pray for us, this could be a make or break time for us a cohort.

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