Sunday, April 27

I made it!

It's a new week! I can blog again!

This was a very different experience. I was forced to do some things that I normally wouldn't, or maybe just plain refused, to do. I went out with a friend from work. I went to church. And left again. I spent some time with that guy that I met a couple of weeks ago.

It was different for me, because in order not to spend those hours surfing on the internet, or blogging, or shopping, or whatever it is I do here, I had to be bolder, braver, care less what people would think of me if I spent some time with them. It's a lot easier to say you don't care what someone thinks if you are never with them to hear it.

So, I'm pretty exhausted this morning, and I'm off to pick some friends up from the airport in a few hours. First,I'm going to see if I can sleep this headache off, and clean out my truck so said friends will fit.

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