Tuesday, July 10

People are Beautiful

Every once in a while, just as I sit down on a bench, or take a sip of coffee, this recurring thought strikes me:

People are so beautiful.

Whether it's the old man lovingly hold his wife's hand. Or the housewife self consciously adjusting even her modest dress. The young mother holding her delightfully chunky baby. Maybe the young man with sixteen gadgets stuck to various ears and hands and eyes. Or a businessman with just the slightest trace left on his face of the high school nerd he once was.

They are absolutely gorgeous.

And today I thought, no wonder God wants to know us. No wonder WE search for the thing that will complete us, unknowingly searching in all the wrong places. And we are so unapologetically, audaciously, outlandishly beautiful.

And we are His.

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Sam said...

I couldn't agree more.