Monday, June 11

Ready to Write

Ok, so this blog is about me. Right? Which means I get to decide what goes on it. So today I'm going to talk about writing.

You see, I've had this here blog since...2004! (I just had to check. That's a freaking long time!) And I've gone through periods where I write daily and there are quite literally years lost where I don't write a single thing. And that's ok. Because it took me a while to embrace the fact that I am a writer. I have something to say, and for some reason, there are people, maybe even some who don't know it yet, that want to hear what I have to say. I began this blog simply as a way to record my life. To have something to look back on, a place to write and have it matter, to have it mean something to someone. But mostly I started it for myself. And I struggle with actually allowing people to see in to that. But I think I'm ready. I will write.

Why not start a new blog, you say? Well, I have. Actually I have 3 here on Blogger, and several others in various states of beginning on Wordpress, and I couple wikis actually too. But for some reason I can't get away from this particular blog. For some reason, maybe the exact reason I fear, I love that this blog has known me for the last eight years. I love that it has recorded some of my journey in a way no other thing could: in my words. Mine. And I'm excited to let it record this next phase of my life. Again, in my words.

So, join me, won't you?

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