Tuesday, January 27

I wish I had it in me to blog. I have things to say...the kid who won't stop asking about my personal life, the horrible beginning to "The Crucible" unit, a stacks of work I still need to grade, and my own struggles to justify a classroom that I wouldn't facilitate myself outside of this student-teaching experience. The quiz I need to write after I get off work tonight and have ready for first period tomorrow. Teaching stuff I haven't even read yet. I have so much to learn about HS English. I thought this was going to be cake...I forgot I hated HS the first time around. Now I'm stuck there. Or somewhere near there.

AH...we'll see. I'm actually enjoying my time, and finding myself wanting to stay after school to plan, grade, just be in the classroom more. I think this was the right decision, even if I'm fighting with myself about it.

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