Tuesday, January 20

and on the downside...

I had my first full day of teaching today. My schedule starts with freshman English, then to junior English, and I finish the day with a class with the sole intent to help those assigned to attend to pass the state standardized test. Seriously.

For the first day, I don't think it went too bad. A lot of it was spent making sure kids were in the right class, and trying to ascertain (that was one of the vocabulary words for today) their skill levels. Since they are brand spanking new to me, and I to them, there will be some of this throughout the first two weeks, I'm sure.

My second period is freaking hilarious. I already know that I have lost at least a little authority over them simply because I couldn't keep a straight face today. I really wasn't expecting that problem, but will be more prepared tomorrow. Hopefully. I think having a more structured schedule will help, as I under-planned just a bit. This was for two reasons. a) as I said before, I wasn't sure of their skill level, and how much I could expect them to complete in a period and b) I'm almost entirely making up this curriculum as I go. For a student-teacher to do that, in addition to everything else (life, work, class, and two other periods to plan for) um...well...that's a lot. At least right now when I still don't know what I'm actually doing.

The only downside so far, as I found out this morning around 1030, is the whole waitng-to-go-to-the-bathroom-thing. And having to share a bathroom with students. Let's just say that it's a little awkward when around, lets just say 1030 this morning, you realize you have to take a dump. Bad. And instead of excusing yourself, and quietly visiting the teachers lounge during passing period, you have to hold it. And when you finally get a chance to visit the throne room, (seven hours later) it's full of teenage girls. Doing nothing. Except hanging out in the bathroom. Apparently waiting to see if your shit does stink. I guarantee you does.

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