Thursday, October 2


I've been sitting in this coffee shop for an hour. "Reading." I have my text, complete with highlighter and notebook open for...well...notetaking. And have yet to read a single word. I glanced through the table of contents to verify that it wouldn't be too painful. Less than 50 pages. I just can't bring myself to do it.

Instead, I decided to search for a new laptop bag online. I have a waterproof North Face bag that I LOVE. I bought it two years ago on a trip back to visit my college town. Nestled behind the DaKine and Trager bags of the little locally owned sporting goods store was this little blue gem of a bag. And it still looks nearly new. It was a pretty penny (at least, that's what I thought at the time) but has totally been worth it. So imagine my glee when I stumbled upon the same bag, only bigger and blacker. No, for reals. It's 18x15, big enough to hold my Goliath laptop (that I love still BTW) and all the crap I carry around with me. And it's black.

What more could a girl ask for...?

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