Wednesday, October 1

The best kept secret ever

Ok, So maybe it's not a secret. But I just learned something this morning. At approximately 630am, I learned that I love running! Who would have thunk it! Like most mornings, I had to drag myself out of bed, find something suitable to run in, and then actually leave my apartment. Once I did, I couldn't have imagined my morning any different.

Before the sun had come up, with the few street lights still glowing, I toured my little part of downtown. It was magical in some way. I have been running with my Mp3 player glued to my ears. But this week, I left it at home, and listened to my own thoughts, my heart beat, the sounds of a city slowly awakening. It was gorgeous. I can feel myself getting stronger, breathing easier. My knee hurts less, and my muscles work more. I love this piece of life.

Note to self (and just good advice in general): don't put your pants on backward.


Matty said...

After moving to Boise, from Chicago, I ceased running with headphones. I did so for safety, because the North End isn't well lit. In doing so, I learned how nice it is without the distraction of headphones. One can listen to their V02, for vehicles, and there is just the general sounds of things when one is alone. It's something that we take for granted too often. It can be quite meditative.

everydayjae said...

I agree! There is something healing, and as you say meditative, about silence (if the world around us can be describe that way.)