Monday, September 29

Who's that lady?

So, bear with me as I begin to tell a story:

On Saturday night, I was shopping at Home Depot (I know) with my mom (shut up) looking for a curtain rod (ok, I get that I'm pathetic, stop laughing!) As I was approaching the check out, a woman came up behind me, placed her hands on my shoulders and said to me, "You are classy. I just wanted to tell you, you look really classy." Now, beside the fact that she touched my shoulders (not really a huge deal, since I have few personal space issues) the fact that she would approach a stranger with such a comment that seems more personal than otherwise, kind of weirded me out. I do appreciate the compliment, but immediately I second guessed her motives. Was she making fun of me? I was not wearing anything, or acting in such a way, that seems to warrent such a declaration. Perhaps I simply appeared classy over all? Either way I'll take it.

Also on Saturday, I had one of the best conversations I've had in a while. I think I forgot how much I like listening. The cadence of the voice, the tone and rythm and the way that some people have with words. I have been so inwardly focused lately. What do I want, what is good for me, how can I be successful...Not that in and of itself those musings are bad. But By themselves, or in accordance with one another, they make for a sad and lonely world within oneself. I realized that I had stopped doing everything I love. I'm not volunteering right now, I'm not spending time with and learning about people. I need to do that. Now. It was a nice, subtle reminder that I am here on this earth to be with others. I thought of something I wrote a few years ago, and included (I think) in my Senior Portfolio. I'll find it and post it.

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