Wednesday, July 23

It's funny how sometimes it's the drastic, and unexpected, things in life that cause you to examine yourself. I wish I had taken the time to make this list before some of the mistakes I've made this year, but as I was praying and sending good thought's my friend's way this morning, I decided to make a list:

Things to do ASAP (let's be realistic...before 2009)
Take a writing class or workshop
Explore MFA programs
Send a piece of writing in for publication (there is a word or phrase for this, but I am unfamiliar with it.)
Take a solo vacation to Portland or New York, Mexico or Italy
Pray more
Take back (get back?) a semblance of my spiritual life
Work out more (goal: mini triathlon in 2009)
Stop...keeping the hours I've been keeping
Journal at least weekly
Dye my hair more! (any color is acceptable and permissible, and therefore encouraged)
Find an affordable tanning/yoga package/class
Research alternative transportation (from my house in town A to work in town B)
Be more crafty/creative (it's good for me!)
Buy more (fabulous) shoes
Eat better

Some may not actually happen this year, as beginning in October I start student-teaching while continuing my full-time employment in the evenings. However, I sure will try my best!

In the are some luscious sites I've discovered and love. I've spent much too much time perusing them as of late...

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