Wednesday, July 23

"...Because I love you..."

A friend of mine, who I haven't spoken with in far too long, was in an accident yesterday. He's a teacher and coach, and was driving some of his student-athletes to their annual pre-season retreat. One student died; he's in critical condition.

This man has seriously impacted my life, though I don't know now if I will be able to express how much to him. His eternally positive mindset, his loving discipline, and constancy in all things is more than admirable, it's unfathomable. When I was wavering on whether to teach or not, it was his kind words of encouragement that reminded me that by teaching, I am loving. The unofficial lesson in his classroom: "I love you." If only I could be that kind of teacher someday...

Please pray for healing of this man's life.


Anonymous said...

This accident just breaks my heart. What a terrible thing, all the way around - it is bad enough to be badly hurt, but when you have students in your care that has to be utterly crushing. I've been keeping all of those involved in my thoughts.

everydayjae said...