Thursday, May 1

31 Days to a Better Blog

Day 10--Declutter your Sidebar
Seeing as how I have only more recently (since I started this process seemingly a million years ago) adding to my sidebar, I'm not sure I need to declutter. Yet. What do you think. I will be looking at changing the format, seeing as how the margins on this background doesn't allow for things to fit correctly. So...readers, what do you think? Should I clean up the side-ness?

Day 11--Dig into your blog's statistics
This is actually one of the most interesting things I have learned since blogging more consistently. I check the statistics on my sitemeter tracker every couple of days. Although, according to the stats, you're not sticking around to read a whole lot. Here's what I find out about you, you faceless readers you:
-The majority of readers visit at the beginning and end of the month, with steady visits remaining through the mid-month period.
-The number of page views and the length of stay (how long you guys stick around) increases toward the end of the month as well.
-The vast majority of page visits are directed to the main page ( rather than a specific post. From this I can derive that most of you are coming from a bookmark, or a recent history list, or a link on another social profile, rather than an RSS feed that would send you to the most recently subscribed post.
-The most popular out-click (a link that directs you away from the main page) is by far the comments link. YAY! for comments!
-I can also tell where you're reading from. Most readers are in the Mountain Standard Time Zone, with the next most readers coming from the Pacific Time Zone.

Creepy what a little free widget can tell you, huh?

Happy Reading!

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