Friday, May 2

Days 12 & 18

I've been messing around with Wordpress a little bit. And while I like some of what it has to offer, I'm still not sure that I'm sold on it. It's a littler prettier, a lot harder to use, and takes a more time on my part in order for you to see what I want you to see. I'm sure it's a learning curve that once established wouldn't be so bad. But do I really want to put THAT much effort into something that I still think of so casually?
I'm not sure. So in the meantime...onwards!

Day 12--Introduce yourself to another Blogger
While I have made some surface-y connections with bloggers, leaving comments and such, getting comments back, I have yet to email another Blogger. Think about it. Email is so formal nowadays. Texting and posting have become the slang language of yesterday, and email the full on term paper lingo. I will make an effort. Here's who I intend to emaiL:
Full of Bees!
Ms. Frizzle

Day 18--Create a sneeze page
Propel you, my fearless readers, deeper into the depths of my, blog. A sneeze page is basically just a list of links revolving around some similar topic. You follow the links therefore finding more content of interest.

And yes, I skipped a few or six days. They were boring, and I couldn't see them being useful as this is much more a personal pursuit than a professional one.

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