Monday, April 7


So I did it. And the results are slightly unexpected.

I moved out yesterday. And the reactions from those closest to me has been heart wrenching, to say the least. I found great apartment, something I could only have dreamed I would ever live in, in the heart of downtown, thanks to the advice of a friend. I met with this same friend for coffee this weekend, only to be berated for now living alone (I hadn't slept the night there yet!) and lectured on the benefits of living with roommates. While I listened, and took to heart what she said, there ARE TONS...of reasons why I want to live alone.

Let me list them for you.

1. I have never lived by myself. The kind of by myself where n one will open my door and peek their head in just because they can, or a dog will come running up the stairs and drag my underwear around the room, or my things magically disappear when someone is "cleaning."
2. I don't know if I'm messy or clean, or neat or cluttery. I've never been given the chance to find out. Someone is always imposing their expectations upon me before I can do something myself.
3. (Do you see a theme?) I really like time to myself. When I live with people, I spend time away from the house, which is actually nice, but so much time that I find myself driving circling just to find somewhere to be that is away from the people I live with. Being in public fills two needs for me: being alone, and being alone with other people. It's a sense of togetherness, of relationship, with no actual relationship other than that we are all at the same place at the same time. This in and of itself is kind of an interesting relationship to ponder when you're there...
4. Responsibility. I want to be responsible. For my bills, my rent, my environment, myself. I can't (or I just plain don't) be responsible if someone else, in most recent months my parents, is always doing everything for me.
5. It's time to F***ing grow up.

It makes it hard to stick to it when your mom won't talk to you though.

I guess that's where the growing up part comes in...yes?
I'm hoping to take some pictures of my cute new place when I get a freaking camera. I will post them for you to see.

PS Did I mention the apartment has three mini-flights of stairs to get to it? I love built in workouts. It makes me feel less guilt when I don't REALLY work out.

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John said...

i think roommates are annoying. be free wild child.