Thursday, April 3

I really enjoyed, and related to this post over at The Thinking Stick. So much, that it made me really think. Don't read it yet...I'll tell you when...

Just a few weeks ago, I was making the calendar for work, a usual duty of mine, and I added TV-Turnoff week at the bottom, April 27th-May 3rd. Thinking it would encourage kids and their parents to turn off the tube and visit the library, I put it in big block letters, pointing out the days with arrows and highlighted the week with atrocious facts about how many hours children watch tv a year. I should have known how self-righteous my thinking was right then.

Ok now... an attempt both to humble myself and reconnect with others, I will be turning my own screen off for the last week of our new month. Keep reading until then, as I'm sure it will still hold a lot of misadventure and such.

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Clay Burell said...


I just want to say a) it's cool to see a pre-service teacher gearing up to teach to the times, instead of from their past; and b) thanks for taking the time to share your favorite blogs on my Open Thread. I appreciate that, and so do many others who find new things thanks to people like you :)

(And good luck on the apt hunt - I'm going through the same thing in Seoul.)