Tuesday, April 29

I miss the water

It's definitely Spring. I want new clothes, I want new things to do, I want flowers and kisses and puppies. Well, seeing as how the kisses are optional right now, I'll take the flowers. Or the puppies.

But it is definitely Spring. I miss the smell of grass. One thing I notice most living in this desert town is that it always smells like dirt. Not like clean, fresh rained on dirt. Not mossy, musky, piney dirt. Not water soaked and don't-track-that-mud-in, but dry, careful-or-you'll-die dirt. The kind that you know if you have one more coffee, and one less water, you could explode from dehydration. The kind where the cracks in your skin match the cracks in the ground.

I miss that smell. I miss the dew. I miss water. It's so life-giving. I've become so much more ecologically-inclined since living in a few more places. The environment affects the way we live so much, and in turn we affect it, and so little attention is paid to it. I will write more about that later. So much to say.

As for now, enjoy the beauty outside!

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