Friday, February 15

3 more days

Day 1 - Email a New Reader
Well, since I would consider this blog more than less an infant, with something like an embryonic readership who has yet the wherewithal to communicate, I announced in class last night that I blog. We were supposed to bring a symbol of personal development, something that would tell something about ourselves not yet revealed. I balked at this. These people are my peers, quickly becoming my friends, but they are not privy to the innermost details of my personal development. I might have brought a ball of yarn- I began knitting and crocheting as a way to dull the boredom of long hours left after a term of Americorps Service with nothing to do. Or a book- I read and discuss with friends more intimate details that inspire, require, growth. Some of all of this is recorded here, and some professional development as well, so I mentioned it, and I'm going to count that as my Day 1 Assignment.

Day 2 - Run a ‘First Time Reader Audit’ on your Blog
I will have to do this this weekend.

Day 3 - Search for and Join a Forum
I joined this forum a long time a go, wrote my profile (not much) and have yet to really get involved. But everytime I venture back over there, I remember just how valuable this resource is, and want to be more a part of it, adding where I can, and reaping the benefits of it. If you haven't searched for online teaching resources yet, there are a TON of them! Blogs, forums, lesson plans, everything you can think of. If you thought your building was collaborative, the web is even more so. Find something that works for you, and work to make it better with your own additions.

Already, with just these few reflections, I can tell that I will want to keep these things seperate. The questions I keep asking myself, is how? How to perforate the one from the other, the personal from the professional, when they are so innately entwined? What I mean is this: I am a human being, working with other human beings, towards the betterment of all human beings. Do divisions of personal and professional even exist in that? Should they?

And for a little break...take a listen over here.

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