Friday, November 9

As promised

So...things that are different today: my attitude-I am much less tired than this past week and seemed to have awoke today with some kind of perky personality disorder, my haircolor- again, it's different. No longer red in all it's glory, but rather a reddish brown that the chemistry of amonia and peroxide, which obviously I seem to no longer have a grasp on, has left me with.

And while I have put all of these things on display for the whole world to see, it seems only those that would make the most impact on my life have seen them. Those I work with, live with, and associate with. Why they call the internet anonymous I'll never know.

As for my latest escapade (I really will have to think of another term for this I know) I met the most beautiful, well informed, intelligent, compassionate young man today at work. No I don't work with him, that would be awkward, I suppose. And this young man, whom I know I have met before, but never have I had a conversation over public computer use like this one. Am I looking for an attraction? Am I willing to see something that isn't there, simply because it's an option? Or am I regaining instincts I thought I once had?

Either way...concerned young gentlman...whoever you are...we'll talk later.

I feel an obsession coming on!!!

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