Thursday, November 8

Are you single?

I just found myself googl-ing, not oogling mind you, self-help books on dating. Not necessarily a bad thing. But it suddenly struck me as something that one would do if A) I was forty, divorced and looking for a way back INTO the dating game, or B) I had so little social skills that I needed to read a book entitled "Cheap psychological tricks for lovers : 55 savvy strategies for the romantically challenged ."
Now, not to say that a book on dating would be helpful, amusing even, but to think that I have sunk to some new low, one that unfortunately is not unfamiliar and is more common than I would think if I make assumptions based on the number of titles on love and romance and dating my local library carries. But I have fallen into a rut. And I don't know how to meet people, regardless of what sex they are. I work nearly full-time, will be beginning a Masters program in a few short months, and have a lot going for me, or so I would think. So what's the problem?
In the next few weeks, I hope to chronicle my dating escapades, if you could call them that. Who I meet, how I meet them, what happens thereafter, in hopes of finding some pattern that may be interfering with my ability to enter into and maintain a successful relationship.
So for today, unless you count the dad with the baby on his shoulders, or the testoserone infused teenagers that I have thus far met, 1 down...a lifetime left to go.

Comments appreciated.

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