Saturday, October 20


So I was reading today about how blogging can really, actually, effectually change the way that students learn. But that it takes a fundamental change in the way skills are taught and portrayed, even presented. It takes a new kind of commitment; the kind that says…no I will not tell you that, but instead, I will show how to do it. And in this case, I will add a link or two that might help. I suppose it’s the old, feed a man or teach him how to fish in play here a little bit.

One thing that became painfully clear, was that while this might be a fantastic way to learn, and in fact teach kids who are already more familiar with this technology than I, does it mean that they will learn the skills, but not how to relate it in any other way than through a third party, and third, more non-relational party? Is relationship in learning even necessary? Has it been? Should it be?

If we are to overcome issues such as poverty, abuse, neglect and other social ills, if you will, as educational obstacles, then I say yes. If we are to treat each student the same, regardless of outside factors, then perhaps not. Or do we see providing such technology, as a great equalizer?

I realize these are a lot of questions, and really I don’t think there are answers. In any given situation, a yes and a no is applicable, and arguably, right.

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