Saturday, August 25

Paranoid Personality Disorder.

The symptoms, as read while enjoying a casual evening with friends, because really, who doesn't lounge with their closest acquaintances and dissect their innermost neuroses, describes me entirely. I sit thinking to myself that I hope they cannot read that I am finding ways to exhibit each and every one of these four symptoms as they read them out loud and compare them to my behavior at-large. Which, in and of itself, is a symptom of the disorder. How trite.

I don't think I really and diagnosable. However, I do think that like most people, I have a healthy skepticism of others, and perhaps moreso. This could play into why I cannot or do not innately trust people.

And perhaps, also, why I told the T-Mobile guy that I could not sign another contract because I have commitment issues.

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Anonymous said...

"I have commitment issues"?? Please tell me you REALLY said that, 'cause you are now my favourite come-back artist! :P