Thursday, August 23

I'm not who I was

So I know I don't write a lot. And I'm sure that my blog is not RSS'ed or read regularly by anyone who matters. (That's a subjective statement if I ever made one.) But I thought I would share some things I'm thinking.

I started reading the journal that I started writing my freshman year of college. kind of grossed me out how young I reveal myself to be, and how naive I sound. There are little things, like how I describe the events and people in my life. And then there are the larger aspects, like how I react to those in my eighteen year old naivete. Rather than rest at this, I will go on...

I'm so glad that even though it does show my faults and flaws, isn't that part of the reason for writing? To record and reflect? The thing I came away with most is that I'm not the same person who wrote on those pages, or thought those thoughts. And I'm glad.

I went camping with some friends this past weekend. I'll spare the details, since if you know me, you know that I'm not a camper. But the conversation came up about "theme songs." If you had to choose one song to embody who you are as a person, what would it be and why. I had to think for quite a while, and when I finally did come up with it, it reflects the change in my thinking, the growth I've gone through, and in many cases, the growing pains I've had. It probably won't be the same in year. I hope it's not the same in a year. Just as I hope that when someone finally reads all these journals, or takes the time to read through the archives of these posts, they will see that the person writing them has changed.

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