Friday, November 18


It's a wonderful thing. I wonder though, how we come to those conclusions. How we make the judgement that we make, and find the conclusions that we do. There are many lines of logic to follow, and there is only one that ends up leading us down a lane where we are either filled with joy or disappointment in ourselves or others, simply from the things we think. Perhaps with absolutely no reason involved but our own.

I wonder also, why we find ourselves in some places that we do. With the ones that we love. There are so many people in the world, and we choose the ones to let into our lives. Or do we? Is it a conscious choice to love, or some felix culpa? A happy accident that allows the right people to find themselves by our side?

How is it that one word, or one smile, can lead to such joy in the world? You would think that with all the pain in the world, that there would be more work involved in healing. but there isn't. It's simple, and free of convoluted conscience if we simply learn to love the ones next to us. Is that possible? What happens if we learn to love them, and they have not accepted us? Does this destroy the relationship that is humanity. Or make it?

I have learned from experience, that people are complicated. I know this, and you know this, and the ones we love, no matter how much they push in either direction, know this. But the pure and simple act of love, whether successful or not, whether returned or not, is what gives the world a chance to have a tomorrow. And this is what makes us love-able.

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