Monday, May 9


My roommate refuses to take out the garbage. She also has refused (for the last nine months) to buy toilet paper. Or clean anything communal.

I came home after class, work then YL today to see that because the garbage hasn't been taken out yet, and I had set an empty oatmeal box to the side, the plastic garbage can had disappeared, and instead of taking the bag of trash out, it was sitting in the same place tied in a knot waiting, I can only assume, for me to take it out. I must assume this, because since she took the CAN, and not the GARBAGE away, that this is in someway a form of lashing out at me for putting the oatmeal box on the floor...? However, she has countless times let her trash pile around the can and I never complained; just waited until it got taken out. Am I the only one who thinks this behavior is absurd? I will however, take the garbage out. And I will do it now.

I am glad I will not be living with her again after our lease is up in July. She doesn't let it show, but she's ugly on the inside.

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