Sunday, May 8

A prayer

Thank you Jesus, for giving me those little whisperings that I know are you.

These past few weeks, ie. the term of time that has made up my life over the past twenty years, has been drudgery. And I know it. And I wanted to stay there. I was writing in my journal a few days ago, and the idea came into my head that I speak with Joel, someone who I don't know very well, but have been acquainted with for a while. I don't know why the thought should have occured to me, but I recorded it in my journal, and continued on with my day, not particularly paying attention to any of the mentionings Christ made to me. However, this weekend I had to opportunity to listen to Joel speak. He is what one might call....long winded. He can talk endlessly about anything and everything. And I sat down to listen to him. The words that he said seemed specifically purposed for me to hear, and I knew it even as I was listening to them. I have been denying anyone or anything, even my Saviour, access into any part of my life for fear that I would lose the part of life I have built for myself. But as the words washed over me, I knew that I was supposed to hear them, and that I was probably the only to understand them, besides Joel himself. I wonder why God works like that. But I'm so glad he does. I feel renewed and refreshed, like I have been reminded of his grace and glory over me. And OVER ME. I have been conquered to a higher purpose. I love Jesus. And I am thankful for him. Amen.

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Diana said...

God is good and He speaks to us.

God overwhelms me with proof of His love and mercy. Hallelujah!!