Sunday, October 31

Fiber of Life

Shit happens. And sometimes, it backs things up a bit, puts your plans on hold and makes you wait a while. Sometimes it happens too fast and you have to squeeze a little. Either way it happens, and you have to handle it. So why do people get flipped out when things don't go exactly right? How come when life gets a little constipated, they freak out and try everything in excess hoping for one of them to be produce the right outcome? It will only lead to a lot of pain and suffering in the meantime. And when life is going a million miles a minute, we try to squeeze it in, holding every minute for two. Just enjoying the ride is no longer acceptable. We have to juice the ride while we are taking it in order to take a souvenir as well. WELL, I'm done. I'm leaving it all where it is. And I'm taking this one step at time. It's not too fast, and it's not too slow. Right now, I'm pretty regular and I want to maintain that healthy balance in my life. So I'm going to take the fiber of life and drink plenty of water.

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