Tuesday, October 19

I'm a follow...

I snorted. Right in his face. Let me start from the Beginning. I'm taking swing dancing lessons. The instructor for tonight's lesson, who, by the way is extremely attractive, asked to dance with him, I obliged. When I finally figured out what was going on, after a few reminders that I was the follow and he the lead, we were dancing fairly well together. Then, to practice what we had learned, he ended the dance in a dip. I, completely unprepared as I usually am, always wanting to lead, laughed...and snorted RIGHT IN HIS FACE! I mean, he was holding me really close and so it's not like I could have directed it elsewhere. But I felt really goofy. He reintroduced himself, shook my hand, lead me back to where I had been standing, and thanked me for the dance. All very charming. And if I am completely honest, I think he was charmed by my willingness to be myself and not be ashamed as well. Hmmm...if only I could dance with everyone and there were no words required. If only.

One thing that I have learned from taking these dancing lessons is that I'm a horrible partner. I would hate to dance with myself. I try to lead when I am the follow and follow too much when I need to be really involved in the dance. But I'm also a wonderful dancer when I have a great partner. Something to think about I suppose. If only I could find that one person who would be willing to dance with me forever. I could follow if you could lead. Isn't that how it's supposed to be?

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