Wednesday, September 29

Why fail me now me?

Why must my memory fail me now? It has been so steady, so strong and unceasingly perfect in it's if I were to have been keeping score. And now, the one time I would love to remember something, a name no less, I can't. It is lost in the recesses of numbers and facts that have no use to me at this moment. Or any other really.

I was walking past the library the other day, Monday to be precise, and I saw the most wonderful stranger sitting under a tree. I took a second look and realized he wasn't a stranger afterall, but that I recall meeting him a time or two. He smiled at me, continued smiling at me as he ate his sandwhich and I passed by, and I continued on my way wondering the whole time how I knew him and what his name was. Yesterday, I saw this wonderful stranger at a meeting I regularly attend. We met eyes again, and again, he smiled. My heart started beating faster, my eyes shyed away and when they returned his were stillt rained on me. WOO HOO!

We played eye tag, he flirted with his smile, but there was no conversation. And I can't remember his name. I HATE THAT! Ah well, I shall be required to circle the tree outside the library in hopes of meeting my nameless-eye-flirt again. If you are out there and you are you, won't you meet me there?

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