Monday, September 27

Sex and Toilets

I was awakened, at 430am, by my upstairs neighbor noisily having sex this morning. When I realized there wasn't an emergency, only some horny overgrown and immature teenagers, I went back to sleep. Only to have my toilet overflow when I was able to wake up again. I had no idea what to do. That had never happened to me before. I thought that overflowing toilets were only for movies and comedic novels. But apparently, they aren't. My roommate came in a saved the day by turning some valve off. She wasn't very happy to do it, I must add though. I was then able to plunge away the excess waste, and the toilet returned to normal. I wish there was a overflow-emergency-shutoff-thing valve for life. Where you could just turn it off, plunge all the crap, the stress and the chaos, out of your life and wait for it to return to normal. I wish there was but for some reason there isn't. I sometimes wonder why I have to put up with the neighbor-sex and toilet-crap. Maybe they are warnings of bad days. Or maybe they are just there to keep me level-headed, keep me from going insane with good stuff. Maybe.

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