Thursday, September 30

One blood sucking tick and a Texan

I watched a portion of the Presdential Debate today. Only a portion because I was quite frankly appalled at what I saw. Nothing was accomplished, and so very little was said. The same "facts: were thrown around. What W has said in the past, Kerry brought up as if it were new intelligence information. And I was disappointed in the man I've been supporting for president. Now, we all know he has never been a very good public speaker, our George. But when he is put on the spot with a time limit, look out, he's bumblin' his way down hill! Does this mean I will discontinue my support of him in this election. I don't think so. I think that George Bush, with all his faults and mistakes, is the right person for the job. And I do not think John Kerry will represent the people accurately or fairly. For as much noise has been made against the war the past four years, there will be more made if Kerry is in office and things are changed.

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