Monday, October 4

Feeling suddenly small

I just checked one of the blogs which I frequent. And I was shocked to see a picture of Mt. St Helens on the updated post. The writer is from the midwest and I, like the volcano, reside in Washington state. For some reason, I was shocked that someone knew what was happening over here. I forget how easily information travels, especially news of somewhat catastrophic magnitude. It makes me feel small. I remember that even though I may be important to some to degree, I really am not. There are te mountains, and people pay them more attention than they do me. There is the ocean, and it is showed more concern then I. And I feel small and unimportant. Not in a bad way. But I am humbled when I remember that I was created, while for a purpose, after the earth.

Along the same lines, I am always surprised when someone I do not know speaks to me. I have no problem talking to others. I am pretty gregarious and make new acquaintences quite easily. But I become shy and feel suddenly unimportant and yet so special when they talk to me. It's a humbling experience, to stand next to a mountain, and to speak with a person. I think they are both similar things. I feel the same things inside.

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