Friday, September 17

I'm gettin' Left

I thought I was finally free when I went off to college. I was on my
own, relatively. At least I was away from the control of my parents,
though they really had little control of me as I grew up. I was able to
do what I wanted, when I wanted with who I wanted. And I felt great. So
incredibly free. There was nothing to hold me back. I had virtually no
responsibilities. Occasionally I attended class where people resembling
my parents would lecture, as had my parents. But other than that, my
life was wonderful.
But now I'm entering my third year. I have to declare my major within
the next ten weeks and I don't know what it will be. Still. I have moved
into an apartment whose rent doesn't include enough utilities for me to
really be able to afford it, but I think I can handle it. Think. I have
a job where half my wages are subsidised by the government, who I owe
for the entirety of my education anyway. And my parents just broke the
news that they are moving to a different state, where my sister attends
school by the way, and leaving my behind. Alone. All by myself.
I was unaware I wanted to grow up.