Friday, September 17


As I slept in well past noon on this dreary day, I realized, as if a bolt of snot has hit me from above, why no one would date me. I'm boring. My life is not exciting and neither am I. I sleep in late, walk around my house for the few hours I have before I must report to work, thereby lessening the chances of someone wanting to date me even less because they never see me in daylight, and then actually go to work. After which I come back and talk to my friends, the ones who will talk to me knowing how boring I and my life is, about the place from which I have just returned. Why did it take me this long to realize, that basically, I have no life because of the fact that I have no life. Am I the only one with this cyclical disease that eats away at their social activity? Do they have medication for this? I could add it on to the cocktail I recently take. If only there was someone way for me to interact with members of the opposite sex. If only. Hmmm.