Wednesday, September 15

Oh the questions...

As many questions race through my still-but-not-for long-young mind, I have very few answers. This seems to be the case with many people my age. Dealing with things that I might deal with. But today, I wonder why they, and not me, get to deal with some of the things they do. I realized today that I may not have a lot of things, but someone wants what I have. If not in the way I would like them to admire me, they do. And although I may not get exactly what I want the way I want it, I get what I need the way I need it...if I would look a little longer and not ask as many questions of the One with all the answers. Sometimes, the answers are already there and I just didn't see them, or hear them. Most times, I already know what the answer is, and I just didn't want to know it. So instead I ask another question in hopes of getting another answer. The truth is this; the questions have already been asked and the answers told.

With that said, why is it that someone would feel the need to compete with me? Over anything? I'm nothing special, and I have nothing to prove myself for. Do you? Why is it that anyone who shows some interest in me, is involved already? I'm capable of having a relationship with another human being, aren't I? Why is it that my paycheck doesn't come until the end of the month, and I'm broke right now? I still need to eat. And bathe and have light to see by. The feebleness (is that a word) of my mind makes me question the things I already know the answers to. And I can tell you, even in all those questions, I'm not asking the right ones. I hope you can ask the right questions, of the right person. Or more importantly, trust in the answer you already know to be true.

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