Friday, September 17

Hint hint....

So this guy I barely know, I know his name, he probably doesn't know mine, has the hots for one of my best friends. Of course he does, because I'm not out in the day time enough for him to see me and like me, right? Anyway, we all hung out a while ago and he got all excited about her, and she in return lovingly referred to him as "creepy." I don't know in what universe that would make the basis for a good relationship of any kind, but he obviously wants to pursue one with this friend of mine. How does he not get the hint after all my dodging of the subject and clear lack of facts when he tries to dig around for what she thinks of him. If there is one modicum of sense in him, he would get the hint. But he doesn't. And that is what makes me almost want to change my mind about wanting a relationship. Almost.