Friday, December 11


It's been a long time since I last posted! But here's a quick update:

I'm so close to the end of my first semester of teaching that I can literally taste the cocoa and candy canes that will come with Christmas break. I thought I was doing pretty good until about a couple weeks ago. Now, I'm seeing just how scattered and disorganized I really am. I am not anywhere near ready for finals, nor am I ready to start a new semester. I miss my the careful planning time I had while student teaching. I have barely had two days planned before I start them this semester, and that makes me worry. And it makes me feel incompetent.

I broke up with the person I was seeing. It was sad at the time, and I do still miss him. But I do think it has been a huge personal learning process for me, and that is good.

I miss Boise. I want to sit in my favorite coffee shop on Saturday mornings. Watch the people bustle to and fro. Instead, I have a small town cafe to take it's place, and it's no where near as friendly, cozy, interesting or cost effective. I'm managing though, I guess.

I have decided to train for another triathlon. This time, it starts with some plain old weight loss. I have been attending several classes at my gym in addition to a few days worth of my own workouts. Its been nice. I know a few people, and living out here is slightly more bearable now.

I am working to clear my vision of the future. Already, a year into teaching I both want to be better, which takes time, and move on, move up, and do more in the education world. I'm thinking I need to have a better understanding of education legislation, and the goal of compulsory education in our system in order to do that. However, I'm unsure of the first step in that direction.

Anyway...that's about all I got. (my battery is dying now...)

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