Tuesday, September 15

quit yer bitchin'

You know, I was all ready to sympathize with some of the teacher blogs I was just reading, and then I realized...NO! You have it so much easier than I do! Now wait...I will tell you why.

I am teaching 5 separate classes. One of which was added the week before school started which gave me zero time to prepare. One of which I'm not certified for...yet. Two that have near-or-over capacity numbers. Two students in regular English classes that read a word...of English. And one that is specifically for our state mandated test...can you say pressure?

And I only have one prep period.

Every other day.

Quit yer bitchin' or step on up to the podium in my classroom.

To be fair, I know every teacher works hard. But this is my load as a first year teacher. I'm tired. I'm stressed. I can't sleep. I have no idea what I'm doing in class tomorrow. I'm sick (whether actually sick or just stress related is TBD.) I'm tired. And I really need professional "teacher" clothes. I feel so out of place with my cargo pants and flip flops. I have yet to receive my first paycheck. grrr...maybe I should just go back to school. This teacher thing is hard! :)

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