Tuesday, May 26

100 Things To Do

I've decided that I should make a list of things I want to do, preferably in Boise, before the end of the summer. Since I'm only working part time, and have a sudden abundance of time on my hands, this should be a fun, and time consuming endeavor. Where to start...

1. Attend Yoga in the park
2. See an Idaho Shakespeare Festival show
3. Visit the zoo
4. Attend the ballet*
5. See an Idaho Dance Theatre show*
6. Bike the whole distance of the greenbelt
7. Spend a whole day in the park reading
8. Complete a triathlon
9. Write a complete semester of lesson plans
10. Eat at Goldy's

These are just a few, and I kind of cheated by inlcuding things I'm already working on. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment!

*seasonal-will have to do later


Motormouth said...

If you're looking for company, I want to attend #'s 2,3, and 10 with you :)

everydayjae said...