Monday, April 13

hurts so good

The seriousness with which I workout has waivered back and forth the last few months. But I seem to be a pretty good kick right now, and it feels so good.

In case you haven't heard (in which case, your ears have been removed because I'm talking about it constantly) I'm training for a triathlon. It's a short event, but it will take the whole summer to get prepared. I have been keeping close tabs on the forums over at, which is amazing resource. They also have alist of training plans, one of which I officially began today. It was pretty good, and with a few modifications I made it work for me.

I also recently found some awesome workout music that's available through free downloads! How sweet is that!? and are two of these. They are based on the idea that if you run to a certain amount of beats per minute (BPM) then you will have a more consistent and rigourous workout. I really like the one I used today from podrunner. I'll let you know how it goes when I get to the one from motiontraxx, but it's a little more advanced than I am at the moment.

Well, for now I'm going to shower and get myself over to the bike shop so I can get my road bike all fixed up. I'm so excited about being able to ride on a real bike, rather than the little fakeys at the gym. Woo Hoo!

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Shana said...

Good for you! Our tri is next month in Chelan.