Sunday, March 8

sunday brunch

Coming down from the first work out in several weeks, I feel fabulous. And so, my observations are more rose colored than usual.

I saw the sweetest things I think I've seen in a long time. The coffee shop I visit regularly, yes the same one of all the previous mentions, has been hosting a most unusual couple recently. In this small conservative town, it is generally uncommon to see mixed race couples. This couple is that, and the woman also appears to be older than her husband (they both wear bands, I assume they're married). As I pondered the strangeness of this in this land, I saw yet another miracle: as the woman's husband returned to their table, he laid his hands over hers and bowed his head. This brief interlude reminded me of how precious relationship is, and I need to treasure the ones I have, and nurture the ones that come along.

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