Sunday, January 11

morning thoughts in the sunshine

It's been a while since I felt whole...inside and out. But this morning I realized I'm becoming someone who I like.

I joined a gym over the Christmas break. I had been trying to train for triathlon, but seeing how I'm pretty much a wimp when presented with a challenge of most sorts, I hadn't been running regularly since the weather turned cold. Since I am pretty set on completing one in 2009, I needed to recommit to training for it. wha-la! Side benefit, it's super easy to go and do their circuit training thing, and the employees are super nice, not to mention a few of them them are also super cute!

Aside from feeling better about myself physically, I'm starting to realize that the mistakes I make aren't the end of myself. I had been so hard on myself for giving in to wants that I knew weren't the healthiest for me mentally (or physically really). I don't have to become someone different because of my choices, but instead they are who I am and who I am becoming. Eventually, they will make a whole person.

I think though, that the group of friends I have been committed to have proved they love me anyways, they have encouraged me weekly for the last few months, and I'm realizing that I'm letting them in. In small ways, but I'm getting there.

I think I'm going to like 2009.

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