Tuesday, December 30

The written

Cognitive Dissonance. While deciding my major in college, I experienced much of this. A few years later, when two of my closest friends began their graduate program in counseling, we had many conversations over my differing beliefs and behaviors.

After graduating with an English Writing degree, I finally realized that, yes I was supposed to teach. Now, in the middle of my Master of Arts in Teaching program, I again find myself questioning the future. However, the one thing I know how to do is write. The one ting I know I want to teach, is writing.

I remembered this again as I perused my neglected journal this afternoon. All my thoughts, dreams, quandaries, laid (lie, layed...still don't know that one) on the page, calling me back to it. Beckoning me to lay my heart on the black-bound white page.

While perhaps not necessarily a memory, part of one.

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