Tuesday, August 26


I love vacation. I have slept in (in my own bed, after being in Seattle for a week) the last four days. I woke up not even sure what day it was. That is a great feeling. It's days like these that make me think I could really live out of my car, finding odd jobs only to pay for gas, and a bi-weekly shower in some skanky motel (let's be real, I wouldn't dig the unclean part.)

I woke up, made myself a smoothie,drove to the foothills and took a quick hike. I realized just how out of shape I was when I took the wrong trail, which ended up being much steeper and physically demanding than I was planning on it being. But it was good to feel my legs throb and my lungs expand, looking to fill themselves with the air, dust and shrubbery smells.

Now, I'm back in my usual coffee shop, getting things done and make preparations for life to begin again next week. Emails have begun to trickle me directions for fingerprints and meetings about student teaching. Class starts soon, and while I'm excited, I'm not sure I'm ready for the whirlwind that I know it will be to begin.

Ah...I will enjoy my time, and the view of some local firefighters sitting next to me, while I can.

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