Tuesday, July 1

Why, yes...

I'm thinking of doing something more official. More regular, if you like. Adding a little fiber to the blog here.

I know I've wavered on whether or not to start a professional blog or not as I'm starting my student teaching in the next few weeks here (is summer's end really that close?) so in the mean time, I've come up with an idea. Posts on Thursdays will be classroom, education and learning related, whether in response to another post, and article or video I come across, or just musings on observations I make on my way to teacherdom. I'm hoping that these will be well thought out, well written, and insightful (BOY, is that a lot to ask for!) posts that I spend some time on. I'm working on one now, or I should say, I'm thinking on one now, and will post it Thursday. Sometime. No deadline. Maybe early Friday. I take late papers.

Along with other things:

I have lots of ideas. Some good, some requiring a lot of follow-through which I never foresee, and some just plain ugly. One of my most recent ideas was to ship in some butterflies, bought off the internet of course, and watch the caterpillars turn into chrysalises, and then finally butterflies. This sounded awesome! Oh the kids would love it! It fits so nicely with our theme! Cheap entertainment! And exactly to you hatch butterflies? Well, by putting them into a million individual cups of course. And then, safety-pinning them *rather the lids they form the chrysalis on) to a Pavillion (read: synthetic net to keep them from flying.) And then, when they do finally start emerging, you must feed them...

This is where the following conversation takes place:

Apparently able-minded Adult: "Oh wow, are those real?"
Me: (No I made them with little motors so they would fly like that, just so you could ask me such a stupid question) "yep!"
Apparently able-minded Adult: "Their so cool! Do you see Johnny!?"
Me: (continue to carefully open the butterfly pavillion so as not to disturb the unhatched critters, and place flower blossoms and small amounts of sugar water in the bottom)
Apparently able-minded Adult: "Do you have books on the Fourth of July? Where would those be?"
Me: (Well, I would love to put the lives of these lovely creatures at risk simply to answer your self-serving, simple minded question, when look! there IS a catalog over there!) "Yes, in the holiday section. I can help you in a minute."

Sometimes I want to say those things out loud. Is that wrong?

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