Thursday, July 3

A list and a thought

Things that make me feel like an adult:

1. Wearing matching undies, especially if two days in a row
2. Making a doctors appointment, and not having to call my mom first for a) directions to the doctor's office b) insurance information c) assurance that it's ok to go to the doctor for whatever ails me
3. Having money in my bank account, preferably more than is required to purchase the inexplicably expensive coffee I drink

Two out of three aint bad. However, I am not yet an adult, and lest I turn into one at the stroke of midnight tonight, I plan on leaning on my youth a bit longer. Tonight, as the as of yet most strenuous part of our teaching program comes to a close, we will celebrate with a short discussion of learning, and then a potluck. I, since I am not and adult yet, do not cook for myself on a regular basis, and did buy said coffee today, plan on being nourished my all the motherly types in the program who will no doubt (and hopefully) bring more than enough potato salad, jello salad and pasta salad for everyone.

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