Monday, May 12


This over here is why I'm wary of starting a professional blog.

While I'm pretty sure I could remain anonymous, leaving out the specifics of time/place/persons, and choosing not to post-stamp every comment with a picture of my face, the possibility that someone, some savvy teacher or meddling old-timer, could find my blog out of the millions of blogs and just happen to recognize my slur of speech or some small detail makes me a little more than cautious.

In my personal quest for transparency, this all but negates all that I've done. Why blog if you take all of the personal out of it? I had a similar conversation yesterday; why use the internet at all for communication. A face to face conversation IS that personal connection your looking for, why substitute it in any way?

What considerations do we need to make when having online conversations, some that would take place in "real" life, others that might not?

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Benjamin Baxter said...

Agreed on the personal bits.

I had, on request, removed quite a few pertinent-but-personal details from an offending blog, and the entry suffers as a result. Given that it created no realistic danger to the speaker, I had remained frustrated for a day or two afterward.